kevin cao photography


For over 8 years, I have provided a relaxed, professional, comfortable, and affordable photography service for the greater Austin, Texas area. Whether you're looking for boudoir, fashion, glamour, portrait, modeling, or any other photographic need, I am happy to be your photographer.


I started pursuing art at the age of 10. By that time, I was truly loved the visual arts. In high school, I met one of the most influential people in my life: Mr. John Bodine. Mr. Bodine was my high school art teacher who inspired me to be anything I wanted. He never pushed me to become a creative, but rather, taught me how to chase a dream. He allowed me and my art to grow on my own terms. Mr. Bodine continued to tell me to “Create something new, something I’ve never seen before.” Till this day, I live by those words, creating new works of art and photography every day.

The Fall of 2006, I became a UT Longhorn. More specifically, I was a student at the McComb’s Business School. Unlike most other business students, I wanted to use my degree to promote creativity in the business world, opening the doors for artists to become not only artists, but also self-employed business owners.


Thank you so much to the fans, collectors, and supporters! You’re the reason I do this! I love being a photographer because I get to share my photos with thousands of people all across the world. Seeing those same people share my work is extremely rewarding. I do not watermark my work because I’ve grown to accept that no matter how much someone wants something, they will take it; and to be quite honest, I don’t mind that at all! I only ask that if you do use a photograph of mine (for non-commercial use only), please credit me in your production, whatever that production may be. So by all means, use my work as a desktop wallpaper, background to a presentation, or just sending it to a friend. I only hope you’d be so kind to credit me. Thank you!